Yet Another Trump Effect? People Are Giving Up Social Media For New Year’s

By Anna Orso
The Philadelphia Inquirer

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) As a New Year’s resolution, many people are resolving to digitally detox but it may not be as easy as you think. Nicole Lipkin, an organizational and clinical psychologist says social media has addictive qualities in the same way those other stimuli do, and quitting it can result in a “withdrawal” period.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Steve Karsch was in bed Tuesday night reading a memoir when he had the urge to check Twitter just before falling asleep. The social media platform was abuzz: President Trump had tweeted a few hours prior about how big his nuclear button is.

“I’m like ‘You know what, why did I do this?’ It gets me all anxious,” said Karsch, 42, who lives in Aston, Delaware County. “It’s not even the 24-hour news cycle anymore. It’s the minute-by-minute. And it beats you down.”

Karsch is aiming in the new year to “unplug” more often, or disconnect from social media in order to enjoy the things in life beyond technology (i.e. reading something longer than 280 characters).

He’s one of many resolving to digitally detox in order to avoid negative news, stop comparing themselves to others, or just have more time to do something else, anything besides mindlessly scrolling.

Celebrities have made similar New Year’s resolutions, including singer Ed Sheeran, who has in the past ditched his cellphone entirely around the new year in order to balance out his life.

Social media platforms, just a few days before Jan. 1, were rife with proclamations to the effect of: “I’m getting off.”

But New Year’s resolutions are so often destined to fail. And anyone who’s attempted to ignore the “ding” from a phone notification knows that level of self-control is easier said than done.

Nicole Lipkin, an organizational and clinical psychologist whose practice is based in Society Hill, said there’s a physiological response when a person sees his or her phone light up, even if that person is deep in a face-to-face conversation.

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