YouTube Star Anna Akana Faces ‘Youth & Consequences’

By Rick Bentley
Tribune News Service

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) If you haven’t heard of Anna Akana, chances are you soon will! The filmmaker and actress who already has millions of followers on Youtube is ready to spread her wings in a new scripted series called “Youth & Consequences”


Anna Akana has been a part of the steady flow of new material that shows up on YouTube for years.

From a humble start, the electronic fingerprints of the filmmaker and actress has grown to more than two million subscribers for her YouTube channel that long ago eclipsed the 200 million video views mark. That number is only going to get bigger as Akana stars in the new YouTube Red eight-part series “Youth & Consequences.”

The streaming series is a big leap from Akana starting as a one-person show when she started posting on YouTube.

“I would do everything. So I would put a vacuum cleaner there, focus on the vacuum cleaner, hit record, run and take its place, edit the whole thing, write the whole thing,” Akana says. “It’s obviously night and day to have the amazing support of someone who is better at writing than me, better at producing than me, better at directing than me, and having a team of people that have the resources, the money, and the creative drive to make a project this amazing.

“I love doing my own stuff, for the pure fun of it and being able to express my opinions and my views. But then being able to do something like this on a grander scale that’s narrative and scripted is just so much more fulfilling.”

That grand scale will be for the streaming series that takes a look at life in high school as seen through the eyes of Farrah Cutney (Akana). This is a student who has absolute power at Central Rochester High because of her abilities to set trends, be a fixer and keep a firm hand over her subjects. The only problem is she finds out the key isn’t having power, but being able to keep it.

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