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6 Women In Film Talk About The Movie Industry’s Challenges And Pluses

Tajima-Pena: I'd give it to 200 filmmakers. I haven't seen a big-budget movie I've liked in a long time. I love movies like "Blade Runner" and mob movies. I think I would use that form to politicize something.

Allain: I'd probably split it up into $5 million each.... Why spend $200 million on one movie?

Q: This is what all the women I ask say.

Allain: We're so practical.

Q: Stephanie, 40 percent of movies at your festival were directed by women. How did you do that?

Allain: The first thing is, you have to say that's what you're looking for. Diversity doesn't just happen. It has to be mined starting from the first set of eyes on the film. Your two programmers are women, you're a woman. What you see, what's interesting, what strikes you, is partially built from your experience of who you are, how you are raised and what's been valuable to you. So I don't believe a group of exclusively male programmers could have programmed this festival.

Q: What three words come to mind when you hear the phrase "woman director?"

Vallot: Ambitious, instinctive, visual

Cassavetes: Cool, smart, determined

Allain: Very well-prepared, willing to listen, and in my experience because I have produced women directors, focused on getting the job done and then getting home to their kids.

Tajima-Pena: Badass, brave, the future

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