About To Become Teachers, They’re Passionate, Idealistic And Wondering How They’ll Pay The Rent

Ideally, she'd love to own a house. But if she and her boyfriend get married and both teach and all they can afford is a one-bedroom apartment, she said, that'll be fine.

"We kind of go with what our hearts want. We don't really pay attention to the numbers," Ramirez said.

The thought of sitting at a computer in an office, rather than standing before a class, was enough to keep her on track for her credential.

"I was a student at LAUSD and where I came from, the majority were Latino and black and I felt like I didn't see a lot of women in the math field," Ramirez said. "So in my last year of high school I knew that I wanted to be that person for someone."

As she led class at Northridge Academy High, a student named Ashley Chacon whispered to me that she likes Miss Ramirez as a teacher. She's easy to relate to, she said, because there's not that much of an age difference.

I asked Chacon what career she's interested in.

She said she thinks she wants to be a teacher. ___ Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

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