Affordable Care Act Swelling Ranks Of Self-Employed, Report Says

"I was making four times as much as a book editor than as a barista, so as long as I was working 20 hours at Starbucks, that was 20 hours I couldn't work as a book editor," MacDonald said. "I was starting to get more clients, and it was getting difficult trying to get everything done."

She said before she started working at Starbucks, she was paying $500 per month for a catastrophic policy with a $5,000 deductible. She said she found herself avoiding medical care because her insurance didn't cover anything.

MacDonald said for 2015, she will cut back her hours at Starbucks and purchase insurance in the ACA marketplace. She said the plan she's considering will cost about $240 per month with a low deductible, about $500.

Parker, the baker from Parsonsfield, said her business is already paying dividends -- financially and for her overall happiness.

"I can create a finished product, and when I deliver it to the client, 99.9 percent of the time it's a happy occasion and people are happy to see you," Parker said.

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