Amid #MeToo, A Brighter Style For 76th Golden Globes

As for fashion, Wu said she's comfortable talking about her dress, to an extent.

"If it comes from a place that has to do with appreciation for fashion or expression of your personality or identity, I think that's the right place to come from," she said. "But if I ever felt like my worthiness was being assessed based on how I looked, I'd shut it down."

Even if the spirit of the carpet is more jovial this year, Borders is hopeful the public will still recognize how much change has occurred. She pointed to the $22 million raised for the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund, a fundraising effort launched at last year's Globes, that has allowed roughly 90 workplace sexual misconduct cases to get underway.

And within Hollywood, she gave credit to Rotten Tomatoes for expanding its critics criteria in an effort to diversify the voices evaluating films, and to film festivals such as Cannes, Toronto and Sundance for pledging to include more underrepresented groups.

"It has been just one year, and the progress that has been generated has, I think, been extraordinary," Borders said. "The changes that are happening may look incremental, but we are going to reach a tipping point. Diamonds are made over time, and they take pressure from all sides to form."

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