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An Urn That Doubles As A Planter: It’s The Latest In L.A.’s Death Positivity Movement

As someone who deals with death regularly, Schock has seen how customized urns like these can help people process death.

"I know that people who have lost someone enjoy being around their remains," she says. "This is the reason why people visit a cemetery or have an urn: They want to be close to their loved ones. It's important to have the urn out and smile and think there's my loved one, pet or child."

That is Boyce's mission.

Her acceptance of death is visible in the democracy of her designs: Here is something that you would want to display on your coffee or bedside table. But Boyce doesn't just draw from death. She is emphasizing that life goes on, in this case through plants, and in doing so is giving people an opportunity to keep loved ones close while accepting the fact that they are gone.

"When you water your planter, does it register that David is in there?" she recalls asking a friend who purchased one of her urns. "She said half the time she thinks, 'Ah, there's David.' The other half of the time, it's just a plant. That is my goal: to have someone close and not have it be a painful reminder of loss."

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