From ‘Beauty Queens’ To Warriors, Young Women Make History On Parris Island As First To Graduate With Infantry Contracts

The burden, though, of being the first woman anything is real. The three other women with infantry contracts in hand have not spoken to the press and want to remain anonymous through the process for reasons that should be obvious.

But Daume isn't bothered by the pressure. Even if she were, it wouldn't matter to her.

She knows what to do with it.

During training, she knew rappelling would be a challenge for her.

"I'm so scared of heights," she said.

So while she was rappelling, she pretended to be someone who isn't afraid of heights and she got the job done.

It was hard. She did it.

Before she broke away from the parade deck to head home Friday, she paused for a photo.

She stood at ease, her face serious and deadly.

Her friends and family watched as she posed, then one of them yelled out "Whoo-hoo! Looking goooooood!"

Daume's stern look, the look of a warrior, instantly disappeared and was replaced by a giant smile, all teeth and amusement. She continued to stand for the photo, still at ease, chin still forward, that smile still there.

When she's done with infantry school and when she's serving her country in the way she knows she can, she's hoping that those who have doubted her abilities or who have doubted the success of mixed-gender combat units, will look back on their words and realize one thing.

"I was wrong."

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