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CBD Oil Processor Offers THC ‘Remediation,’ But Regulators Urge Caution

The whole extraction process takes about 80 minutes for one round. Pressure separates the oil from the chlorophyll and unneeded resins. This produces a golden "crude" oil, which is the consistency of a thick honey. "It makes completely certified organic."

For the distillation phase, they bought a $400,000, two-stage distillation unit and hired an engineer to run it at Hillsboro. They sold their first distillate in late 2019.

This "post-process" equipment moved to Minneapolis, in conjunction with partner Vaillancourt's businesses. In a related but separate phase, Global Organic Distro "formulates" the distillate into retail products. Becca noted 1881 Extracting Co. can produce non-organic products at all levels for farmers on a "toll" basis. CBD products are often sold as a dietary supplements or included in creams and other personal care products; they are unregulated as supplements by the Food and Drug Administration as long as companies make no health claims.

1881 Extracting Co. LLC, of Hillsboro, N.D., recently launched "tincture" products called U by 1881 (with the slogan "Our products are right for U.") It markets various concentrations of "isolates" that contain zero percent THC, labeled as a "wellness supplement." ___ Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

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