Designer Sets Out To Empower Women Entrepreneurs

“It’s been really incredible to see how when you set out to truly solve a problem and provide in a space where there is drastic need, how well that service or effort can be,” she said. “Coming from a place of wanting to love on humanity no matter how near or far and availing yourself of that, I’ve been tremendously blessed to be able to serve in that way.”

Meanwhile, Street, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Quarantine” was still stuck in her home and started making pillows and other home décor items to beautify her space and change its look, sometimes week to week.

“I love seeing the way spaces can be transformed and rooms can be brighten and joy can be added through a pillow or a throw blanket or a table runner,” she said. “Those things excite me and COVID, I think, stretched my creativity and helped me make the most of what I did have in my home.”

Range of creations embraces earth-friendly goal
Street now produces pillows, coasters, handbags, bangles and earrings, and for the holiday season, stockings, ornaments and wreaths. Many of her smaller pieces are created using leftover fabrics from larger projects.

“One of my biggest goals with Project Sew United is to be an environmentally friendly brand,” she said. “So I use remnant fabric to create things that are new and beautiful as a way to minimize waste.”

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