‘Everything I Put My Hands On, I Can Do It’: Alabama Chef And Rap Artist Chasing Big Dreams

Black, who produced “Petty Betty,” says Davis has a knack for emotional content, grabbing listeners and keeping them immersed in a song.

“I think her writing skills are way above par,” Black says. “That’s one of the things I love about her the most. When you hear the lines she puts down, she makes you feel her music. She brings you into the song. … I see her doing great things, maybe as one of the first women artists to get a major deal from Montgomery.”

We might say that Davis is really cooking these days, in the kitchen and in the Montgomery rap world. She often finds herself trying out new lyrics as she prepares orders for her customers, and Davis says she’s giving both occupations ample attention.

“I push both of them the same,” Davis says. “The food and the music all goes together. I haven’t been rapping an entire year yet, but I keep dropping singles. I keep getting my followers up, giving them content. And I’m saving up my coins to get that food truck.”

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