Families Grieving A Pregnancy Loss Hit Especially Hard By Medical Bills: ‘I Wasn’t Prepared At All’

Two years later, Collier still owes $325 for her ER visit and the genetic testing. It’s in collections.

The Laughlins were able to pay Jodi’s medical bills and were grateful for the family that flocked around them in support, but still the months that followed were among their most difficult.

Worried how families without their means would cope, they established a foundation to provide financial and emotional support to women carrying a child with life-threatening conditions. Noelle’s Light launched a fund-raising campaign with the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House earlier this year.

“Being able to turn it into something positive is great. But even if you can’t do that, just to not feel alone is important,” Jodi said.

The experience has been empowering, Jodi said, and helped them to believe that they are moving forward without leaving Noelle behind.

Genetic tests revealed a 25 percent chance that the same condition that killed Noelle would occur again, so the couple began the financially and emotionally trying process of in vitro fertilization.

In March 2018, after spending $19,000 out of pocket on fertility treatments, Jodi gave birth to Noelle’s little sister, Lily.

“When I was pregnant with Lily, I had several dreams where the baby was born and the room was filled with the baby’s cry. I think it was because I didn’t hear Noelle cry and so that was a huge fear of mine going into this birth. Lily did not disappoint. She had the most beautiful, distinct cry I have ever heard,” Jodi wrote in a blog she started after Noelle’s death. “It was my dream come true.”

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