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Figuring Out Her Story To Tell: ‘Jane The Virgin Head Jennie Snyder Urman Opens Up About The Show

But, yeah, if I'm writing a script, I'm walking 20,000 to 30,000 steps a day. Right before a season starts, I'll walk hours a day. Every time I read a script, I'm walking. And every time I'm thinking about what I want a script to be, I'm walking. The idea for Petra to have a twin sister came from a walk. The idea for Michael's return came from a walk. Every big moment happens for me on walks.

'I'VE GOTTEN PICTURES OF MYSELF WITH DEVIL HORNS' The fandom for Team Michael and Team Rafael is so intense. I struggle with it. I'm grateful that people feel so engaged and so passionate, because then you know you have reached people. But they're so ... mad. And I mean mad. I get it. There's a love story and you're going to have your favorites. I've always thought, 'Well, people are going to be rooting for Jane, and they just want her to be happy.' Oh, I was wrong. They want her to be happy with their choice. I've gotten pictures of myself with devil horns. Now. it's my husband's screensaver. I just try to ride the waves of it and not respond, because I understand it's coming from passion. I do wish people would be nicer.

LOVING THE FEELING OF WORKING ISN'T ENOUGH "Jane" has given me a real sense of my worth as a writer and as a producer. Knowing how much work I put into everything, and then on top of that, having it be well received, that kind of confidence, you can't just sort of generate by yourself, or if you can, I couldn't.

I'm still so in the middle of it all, even as we near the end. My struggle now is not to say yes to a million things right away just because I love the feeling of working. It's really making sure what I write next is the thing I'm dying to write. That's what "Jane" has really taught me. I'm excited to write again without the pressure of production and the pressure of all things of running a show. ___ Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

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