For Bay Area Tech Elite, A Second Home Is Normal

The Zen Cube will have glass walls, too.

Unlike Santa Lucia Preserve, Mountainside isn't about buying a lot and then designing and building one's own home, a lengthy process.

Rather, the residences, 10 single family homes and 43 townhouses have been completed thus far, are built and sometimes furnished by the parent company. That's because Gen X buyers, said agent Brown, want "instant gratification. They are making this purchase in order to maximize the time with the family and they know the clock is always ticking. So waiting a couple of years to build essentially mortgages that time. So this is about, 'Let's go, let's start enjoying this now.'"

Then again, there are all kinds of gratification, instant and otherwise.

Back at Santa Lucia Preserve late one recent afternoon, Diane Flynn sat down in the courtyard of the Hacienda, shady from the labyrinth of old madrone branches overhead. Glass of chardonnay in hand, she lingered with friends Jeff Chambers and Andi Okamura, who built a home here about five years ago, and whose son Nat was married at the preserve in 2014.

They mused over the pleasures of the place.

"The minute we drive through the gates, it feels like we're in another world, just relaxing and peaceful," said Chambers, semiretired from his private equity firm.

"Exactly. Leave your worries behind," said Flynn.

"It's time to decompress," said Okamura. "I can spend hours in front of a window doing a puzzle or needlepoint _ but I can also spend five or six hours on the golf course."

She laughed.

"I can do what I want. I'm home."

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