Four Women Explain Why They Voted For Trump

"Obamacare is a joke," said Webb, who reported she's seen the deductibles of her family members be raised by 55 percent under ACA and that her grandparents are currently unable to afford insurance.

She also disagrees with the premise that citizens must purchase insurance.

"Insurance shouldn't be forced upon anybody," she said. "The government making it that you have to pay it and fining you if you don't pay it is absolutely ridiculous and unconstitutional."

She pointed out that the Second Amendment isn't just about hunting or even protecting against bad guys, but is in place to allow Americans to legally use guns to protect themselves against the military of the American government, if necessary, and the Supreme Court needs justices that will uphold that right.

She added that Hillary Clinton "represented everything that America was trying to go against."

"We were sick of the same old things," Webb said. "Political correctness is destroying our freedom of speech.

"The only speech that isn't free is speech that incites violence."

Webb said Trump is "starting to disassemble mainstream media."

"It's starting to implode, and they can't keep up, which is a beautiful thing to watch, because biased media is the worst media," she explained.

Webb said Trump gives the country hope and that she feels "really proud to have voted for him."

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