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Hairstylist, Doctors Play Critical Role In Ford’s Coronavirus Face Shield Design

Assembling three pieces to make the device is tedious but crucial. It all involves a plastic shield, a sponge and a strap. That's pretty much it. Peeling off the adhesive to stick the sponge to the shield and staple the strap. They'll work 10-hour shifts and take a half-hour lunch.

"I've worked in prototype assembly for nine years. Now this," said the UAW member. "I care a lot about my country and the people in it. I can't believe this is happening. I don't understand why it's happening."

Tucker said, "We're doing a simple thing to save a life. We'll run two shifts, a night shift and a day shift. It takes less than 10 seconds to make one. The longest process is peeling off a stickie. We're trying to do 100,000 a week."

Helping heroes Todd Jaranowski, 57, of Milford is president of Troy Design and Manufacturing in Plymouth, a subsidiary of Ford with offices in Chicago and China, too. He oversees the teams building the face shields. He said UAW members are essential to the process. They're working voluntary hours now.

"We started out with 40 people and we've grown to 80," he said. "We really kicked off our first prototype on Monday (March 24). We had 25,000 on Thursday," he said. "We'll steadily ramp up. We had to quickly design an assembly process."

It's sort of primitive, the way it's described. Just putting little pieces together and passing it along.

"The UAW has been unbelievable," Jaranowski said. "Our goal is to make a million a week. Generally, there's no automation. We had to keep in mind social distancing and set up a production line so people are safe and 6 to 7 feet away from one another."

What's powerful? Getting photos back from doctors and first responders, he said.

"Those people, they're the heroes," Jaranowski said. "We're just trying to keep them safe." ___ Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

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