How To Handle Sex Assault On Campus?

In Title IX proceedings, the person accused is called the “respondent,” because they are responding to allegations, she said.

Hobson said she’s received much training, including through the Association of Title IX Administrators, where she’s been trained in Title IX investigations. She’s also been to sexual violence prevention conferences put on by a national organization for student affairs administrators.

At those conferences, she’s talked to victim advocates, Title IX investigators and deans.

“There is a very clear dedication to due process for all students involved,” she said. But there also is great awareness that victims of sexual violence have been harmed by that experience and need support.

Hobson recognizes there have been mistakes in how some institutions have handled some situations, “but I would say from my experience working with other folks on campuses around the country doing this work that there has been a lot of progress,” she said.

DeVos did not announce specific changes, but the Education Department will go through a formal process seeking public input in replacing the current system.

“In order to ensure that America’s schools employ clear, equitable, just, and fair procedures that inspire trust and confidence, we will launch a transparent notice-and-comment process to incorporate the insights of all parties in developing a better way,” DeVos said.

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