How To Handle Sex Assault On Campus?

DeVos further stated, “We will seek public feedback and combine institutional knowledge, professional expertise, and the experiences of students to replace the current approach with a workable, effective, and fair system.”

The new direction?

Hobson will be very interested in learning what those changes will be. “I didn’t hear any policy recommendations. All I heard was, ‘this doesn’t work.'”

Hobson also was troubled by DeVos’ focus on students she believes were falsely accused as opposed to “looking at the impact this has on the safety of our campuses and then the impact these situations have on the victims of sexual violence.”

ISU’s victim advocate said, “I don’t want to see us go back to a time when the default was to not believe survivors and when the default was to protect an institution versus protecting our students.”

Leah Reynolds, Indiana State’s associate vice president for inclusive excellence and Title IX coordinator, believes the university “does a very good job within our policy and procedures of making sure parties involved have due process.”

While ISU will monitor the changes that will be forthcoming from the U.S. Department of Education, Reynolds doesn’t believe that DeVos’ speech signals an end to the federal office’s commitment to addressing sexual assault on campuses.

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