How Scammers Are Trapping Those Who Are Hunting For Jobs

Susan Tompor
Detroit Free Press

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) As Susan Tompor reports, “Complaints have been climbing during the pandemic when it comes to phony job offers, missing paychecks and scams that involve paying upfront for equipment and supplies that are supposedly needed to do that new job.”


Adam Garfield-Turner thought he had a lead on a good job. All he had to do was find people who needed to borrow cash and he’d get paid money to make those connections.

The pay? He was supposed to get $250 for finding five people who needed personal or business loans of $10,000 and more. He found the job on Craigslist.

He spent two days doing research on Craigslist to find people who needed to borrow money. But somehow the owner of the operation couldn’t find the cash to pay him.

“I found him five people who needed a loan — and he didn’t pay me,” said Garfield-Turner, 38, who lives in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

“He told me the check was coming in the mail — and it never came.”

Then, Garfield-Turner was told he’d get the money via PayPal. But somehow, the company claimed to be having “technical difficulties” with PayPal. He still hasn’t been paid anything for a job he did in March.

Garfield-Turner, who wasn’t working at the time, now has a job that pays $15 an hour working for Amazon as a Whole Foods Shopper in West Bloomfield. He had been quite upset for a while about that oddball loan job and the lack of pay but he’s happy to be working now.

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