‘Woman Of Influence’ A Handbook For Building A Professional Brand

By Michael Chevy Castranova
The Gazette, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) In her new book, “Woman of Influence”, Jo Miller emphasizes the need to round up a crew — collaborators and allies who can help you achieve more. Remember, she notes, “People don’t follow a title. They follow someone they trust.”

The Gazette, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Jo Miller has some very definite ideas.

For one, Miller believes you’re not alone if you’ve had it to somewhere above the eyebrows with being told to “lean in” or to take one for the team. Or, for goodness sake, to just be patient for your turn at a promotion — as if that “turn” were the next city bus, about to pull up any time now.

She also thinks it’s not outrageous to expect to develop a career that’s both rewarding and suited to your skill set — one that, as she says in her book, “Woman of Influence: Nine Steps to Build Your Brand, Establish Your Legacy and Thrive,” makes your heart sing.

“It’s not,” she writes, “too much to ask.” And she’s right.

But that message has been Miller’s mission, after all, for some 20 years — to guide women to figure out how to identify and articulate their own skills and develop — there’s that word again — their careers.

She’s been doing this through Be Leaderly, her consulting company based here in Cedar Rapids; her webinars that, as of last count, have reached some 30 nations; her presentations in, so far, five continents; at corporate events that include Verizon, eBay, Bank of America and Microsoft as clients; and through her monthly Sunday guest columns in The Gazette’s Business 380 section. (“Emerging Leaders” ran for several years until Miller took a break to write “Woman of Influence.” That’s why you’ve not seen it lately.)

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