Ladies Of Lager Gravitate To Beer Careers


-Drink beer from a glass, not a bottle: Beer's more bitter from a bottle, says beer expert Annette May. Poured into a glass, beer releases an aroma, opens up and interacts with you, the drinker.

-Ice-cold brew isn't always the best: Some brews are better at room temperature.

-You don't necessarily have to buy a six-pack to try a new beer. At many stores, you can make your own six-pack with six different beers. "At about $2 a bottle, why not throw a couple of wild cards," says May.

-Never underestimate the power of fresh beer. Sure, there are terrific imported beers. "But if you can get the same style of beer and it's brewed locally," says May, "Do it."

-Try bars, microbreweries or restaurants that offer flights of beer, typically samplings of different types of beer. That way you're not committed to drinking a pint of something you don't like.

-There's a world of flavor to try: Among some popular types of beer are IPAs, known for accentuating the flavor of hops and their tangy, more bitter notes. Belgian Lambic beer styles accentuate fruity qualities and may have wine-like characteristics. Dark beers, such as stouts and porters, may have flavors of coffee and chocolate as qualities.

-For those on gluten-free diets, ask about gluten-free beers. There are plenty.

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