Lehigh Grad On A Quest To Make KitRex Cardboard Dinosaurs National

"I still have moments like that; it is pretty exciting," Glover said, discussing her own creative process. "It is knowing other people are going to have those moments. Those are the kind of moments that are really what drive me forward with this."

It's a drive she'll need to preserve to make KitRex a fixture on the shelves of U.S. toy stores.

KitRex --Created: 2014 --Creator: Lisa Glover, 24, of Bethlehem --What it is: Flat-packed cardboard kits that can be folded, without using adhesive, to create durable, colorful, three-dimensional dinosaurs with googly eyes. --Where to purchase: KitRex website: www.kit-rex.com Moravian Book Shop, soon available on Amazon.com --More about KitRex: Search Kickstarter.com for KitTrex Velociraptor and KitRex Pterodactyl --Video of 6-foot, wearable version of KitRex: Search YouTube for KitRex

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