Love Of Animals Spurs Teen To Become Entrepreneur

Aubrey Balzer has been an animal aficionado for as long as she can remember.

There’s nothing to suggest it’s an inherited trait.

“Not a single person in my family owns or has animals,” Aubrey Balzer said. “I begged for a horse for forever and I still have him today. He’s 25 and going blind but I love him so much.”

She is studying to be a veterinarian at Edinboro University and also works part-time at Presque Isle Downs & Casino with racehorses and at Peek n’ Peak Resort in the winter.

Aubrey Balzer’s mother isn’t the only one who helps with the business. Her boyfriend, Kyle DiLuzio, also lends a hand.

“Our weekends are just consumed with this,” she said. “But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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