Meet The Expert Bringing Sex Positivity (And Spice) To Twitter And Your Group Chats

I referred to a girl who I saw tweeting saying that she knows how to care the least in a relationship. If you go in with that mind-set, man or woman, you’re not going to get the greatest results. If you’ve got that kind of mind-set and you’ve got someone who could possibly be good for you, you kind of almost self-sabotage, because you’re already waiting to like treat them like s—. Why are you in the dating scene if you feel like you’re already getting ready to treat someone in a terrible way because you’ve been hurt before? So I feel like it’s important to make sure that you heal.

Just try to go in positively and understand that not every person that you go on a date with will be the love of your life. They could be good friends, they could be a good lay. When you’re dating, you might find something you really like in someone, and it might not be that person you want to date, but it helps you understand the person you want to be with. It allows you to know who you really want to be with and what you look for or what you desire in another person.

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