Meet The Woman With The Perfect “Angle” For Success

Answer: I do both books and Kindle. On my iPad, I read the New York Times and the Economist. For my bedtime book, I am re-reading the "Percy Jackson" series. Did I mention that I am a dinosaur and like the comfort of the familiar?

Question:Do you have any wearable electronics?

Answer: Nope. This is one aspect of my life where I am a proud dinosaur. I have a watch with hands on it. This way, when I want to set the time, I simply pull out the pin and rotate the dial. I think that dials are very intuitive devices. The other good thing is that it does not beep at me.

Question: Do you have an entrepreneur hero?

Answer: I don't have a favorite entrepreneur hero, but I do listen to the NPR podcast "How I Built This," which I find both inspiring and also a bit intimidating. I hear these stories of these entrepreneurs overcoming these hardships, and it makes me nervous about what is in store for our group. My favorite story has been about Kendra Scott, who has this very popular line of jewelry. There were multiple times when she could have closed shop and walked away, but she soldiered on and persisted. Some of her gambles meant betting everything on the future success of her company. It was pretty amazing.

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