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Michigan Teen Made Viral Buzzfeed Quizzes For Free. Now She’s Cashing In

McMahon, of course, hasn't reached Bieber's level of stardom. But, who knows.

AN INTERNET SENSATION Part of what made McMahon so valuable, even though she didn't know it, is she has an innate ability to make quizzes that people want to take and share with others. It is a skill increasingly in demand because the internet is an ocean of information.

To understand why, consider this:

In just one second, Internet Live Stats estimates this is what is being sent into cyberspace: 8,415 Tweets, 903 Instagram photos, 1,503 Tumblr posts, 3,696 Skype calls, 69,653 gigabits of internet traffic, 73,179 Google searches, 77,925 YouTube videos and 2,780,888 emails.

So, of the zillions and zillions of things constantly filling the 'net, which includes clever quizzes, music performances, and even news articles, only a tiny fraction of them, like Bieber's videos as a boy, go viral.

In the Vice interview, McMahon said she doesn't have a formula for figuring out what quizzes people will like.

She always just considered it a creative outlet.

"A lot of people have been just, like, talking to me, saying, like, I don't think you realize that, like, you have this talent where you can just know what people want. And I just never thought of it like that. I just thought I was making quizzes for fun."

She's still making quizzes, but now as a paid gig.

Playbuzz, based in New York is one of the companies.

Zimbio, a Redwood City, California-media outlet, is the other. One of McMahon's latest quizzes for Zimbio tries to reveal whether your best friend would be Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel.

And while she wouldn't disclose her pay, she said it's more, per quiz, than what BuzzFeed was giving her in gift cards.

She also wouldn't say exactly how much she's getting for her new book, but it's enough that she can pay many of her college expenses and likely won't have to graduate with student debt.

And, in recent weeks, she's had one more success.

She finally met her celebrity obsession. She said in a Facebook post that she heard "Justin was supposedly going to be in Detroit." So, she drove 2 1/2 hours to meet him and his wife, Hailey, for "a quick second."

She wrote that he "came by in his car and rolled down the window to talk."

She ended her post with an all-caps hashtag, "#BESTYEAROFMYLIFE."

"Ever since September 2018, great things have just been happening and I'm just really enjoying it," she said, summing up her year so far. "I don't know what I did to get all these great experiences, but I'm really happy it's happening."

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