Military Spouses Find Social Media Business Boost

"I've always been super into film, acting, theatre, art -- overall, just creating in general," she said.

As a military spouse, Artis said she decided to create her own opportunities to have a long-term, portable career.

"I knew I wanted to run my own business, and our lifestyle could always remain unpredictable if he stayed in," she said.

For the past five years, she's worked on social media marketing, making it a serious focus during the past couple of years.

She started working for an online college geared toward the military community and helping spouses, active duty servicemembers and veterans find educational opportunities, while also focusing on her own marketing opportunities. Working with brands and building her network, Artis decided to start a YouTube channel.

"As a mil-spouse it can be really easy to lose your own identity while helping your significant other pursue their dreams, and I just had to continue to tell myself, through this process.your reality is what you make it," Artis said.

When she first became a military spouse, Artis said there weren't many acting or social media opportunities, as she moved to an unfamiliar place, where finding new friends was a struggle.

"I needed something to express myself, "Artis said. "I deeply wanted to connect with others and decided to just give it a shot. I decided I wanted others to feel inspired to know they have a voice that matters, and that whatever they want to do or be, they can create. So, I set forth on pursuing the journey."

Through Instagram and YouTube, Artis is a lifestyle creator, or shares her personal experiences, struggles and successes with an audience.

Artis works remotely, while operating her online blog, creating graphics, operating a mini online boutique, conducting one-on-one social media training and helping fellow business social media influencers develop target audience strategies.

Artis said she considers it a passion to be able to help others identify "what value they bring to the world," while also helping them establish a marketing plan.

As her husband plans to transition into veteran life, Artis said they have made the decision to move to Los Angeles, California. "Through my job being virtual, I can/ have still been able to work with businesses, and other influencers all across the country," Artis said "So, any relationships I've been able to form or work that I've created in Fort Bragg, gets to continue and live on no matter where my desk is."

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