One-On-One With Rachael Speegle

Is there a particular incident you're thinking of?

They're daily -- of being called a girl, of being referred to by my appearance, of being devalued and undermined.

What really worries you?

Overpopulation. I have made a conscious choice not to have my own children, and it feels like a sacrifice every day. Because the thing I worry most about in this world is ... the fact that we're so deeply attached to having children that we're doing it at the expense of our resources.

What gives you hope for the future?

That every generation is better than the last. I truly believe that even if I can't relate to them all the time, I know that it has never gone in the opposite direction when I look back historically.

THE BASICS: Rachael Wilenta, 36, born in Belleville, N.J.; married to Eric Speegle since 2014; one stepson, Carter, 12 years old; one rescue dog, Finn. (Speegle describes his breed as "New Mexico brown dog"); associate degree in allied health sciences, Swedish Institute, 2006; bachelor's in university studies, University of New Mexico, 2010; nursing degree, 2013.

POSITION: Verdes Foundation CEO since November 2018 and COO starting in 2014; Presbyterian Hospital nurse, 2012-2015; Presbyterian EMT, 2010; EMT in New York City, 2002-03; founder of Medically Orphaned Pets, which provides financial support for animals whose owners have died or are too ill to care for them; board member, New Mexico Philharmonic.

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