Pedal To The Metal: Saalfeld Aims Creating Name For Herself As Entrepreneur, Community Advocate

"The committee for this ball is amazing, so I'm honored to be asked to be part of it," Saalfeld said. "It's going to be a huge event for the community." When Saalfeld reflects back on where's she has come, it's a surreal feeling. Her kids are growing, Fabulous Forever just celebrated its eighth anniversary and Cork & Barrel also appears to have a bright future.

Thiele reiterated he's proud of who Saalfeld has become and what she has accomplished.

"She's not a procrastinator. She's a finisher," he said. "She gets things done." She credited Thiele as a mentor.

"Jeff has been an extremely important part of my life for sure as an entrepreneur but also on a personal level. I learned a lot from him," she said. "I definitely respect how he ran his business. People really respect him in the community and I really try to mold how I am based on how I saw him and what I saw it do for his business."

Saalfeld said Thiele and her father inspired her to work hard and not be afraid to go after her dreams.

"Collectively, those two have been the most influential in shaping who I am today," she said. "They showed me more about myself than I knew I had in me."

But, she stressed she's proud of herself for rolling up her sleeves and being unafraid to get things done. It's that Rosie the Riveter spirit that is part of her DNA. She takes pride in being an entrepreneur and more specifically, a female entrepreneur.

"Not that I doubt myself. Being strong and confident is key to being a successful person," Saalfeld said. "Female entrepreneurs can do it, too."

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