How A Philly Millennial Couple Paid Off $150K In Student Loans, Ahead Of Schedule

Alex Bottom, cofounder of, says government loan programs are "complicated and not centralized. So we're working with CFPs, certified financial planners, to help their clients manage student loan debt." The software start-up is also about to launch a direct-to-consumer version to help parents and students.

As for Revelli, she stresses some basics. Even a tiny savings account will pay off in the long run, forming the habit now and auto-saving, or adding a company match, she said.

"Many millennials think they cannot save anything right now, and are focused on debt and living expenses, which is so understandable, as I was definitely not saving anything during my first year or two after college," she said. "But pay yourself, too (into savings), along with everything else, and eventually with hard work and perseverance, you will end up earning more money, having less debt, and will have even more to save."

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