Pour One Out For 2020 Grads. It’ll Be Hard To Find A Job In This Market

Graduating in a recession can also produce good character traits, Bianchi said. Her research shows that such graduates are happier with their jobs, show more gratitude and are less narcissistic compared to graduates in a good economy. The negative things they endure early in their career make them more appreciative later on, she said.

"When you first enter the workforce at a time when jobs are very scarce, when you've seen your friends have the rug pulled up from under them, when it's hard to just find a job, those experiences tend to make people more grateful when they do land one."

Maloney said she's hopeful her situation will change soon. But it's undeniable, she said, that things are a little uncertain: "It's definitely a tough time to get your foot in the door." ___ Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

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