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Schools Navigate New, Controversial Title IX Changes

For the survivors Pellebon hopes to see schools go above and beyond what Title IX regulations say is required of them. She urged school administration to listen to experienced workers in the field of survivor support.

"I do want colleges to look very, very carefully at what is in place and decide if that's good enough for them," Pellebon said. "And if it's not good enough for them, then what are they going to do to change it?"

Hasselbacher assured students that UW-Madison is here for survivors. "UW -- Madison is still committed to providing the full range of supportive measures, regardless of whether they choose to pursue a formal complaint," Hasselbacher said. "Our goal is to inform survivors of all of their options -- including confidential support resources -- so they can determine what makes sense for them."

Editor's note: This story was updated to note UW-Madison can use other provisions in its campus code of conduct to respond to off-campus misconduct allegations.

Need help? FOR STUDENTS --UHS Medical/Mental Health Care: 608-265-5600, 333 East Campus Mall,, 24-Hour Line 608-265-5600, Mental Health Crisis Line (option 9) Medical Advice Nurse Line (option 1) --UHS Violence Prevention & Survivor Services: 333 East Campus Mall, eighth floor, [email protected], 608-265-5600 (option 3) --McBurney Disability Resource Center: 702 W. Johnson St., Suite 2104, [email protected], 608-263-2741 (voice) 608-225-7956 (text)

FOR COMMUNITY --Domestic Abuse Intervention Services: 2102 Fordem Ave., 24-hour line (608) 251-4445 or toll-free (800)747-4045 --Rape Crisis Center: 2801 Coho St. #301, 333 E. Campus Mall #7901, appointments can be made using 24-hour line, 608 -- 251-RAPE (7273), [email protected] --Deaf Unity: text helpline 608-466-2881 M-F 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., [email protected], --UNIDOS Against Domestic Violence: 1-800-510-9195 --Forensic Nurse Examiner Program: Meriter Hospital, 202 S. Park St., 608-417-5916 ___ Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

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