These Six Milennials In Mission Hills Make Millions Each Year But They Share A House

For the group to accept you as a new roommate, your business must make at least $1 million per year.

“That’s the threshold,” said Trevor Jensen, who owns pet toy company Bullibone. “Some of us are making well above that.”

A house designed for performance
You wouldn’t know their wealth from the state of their living room. Sparsely decorated and sporting worn carpets and office-like furniture, the house is more functional than fashionable. The roommates have designed it to be an unmanned machine so they can spend all of their energy building their businesses.

They pay for laundry and cleaning services. They employ a chef who designs and makes all of their meals and then takes care of the grocery shopping and dishes.

The roommates want to be healthy and fit, so their chef tailors the weekly menu to a specific diet.

“Mostly protein; nothing white,” said DeCelles, who owns popular sunglass company William Painter. “No rice, no bread. Ten ounces of protein, greens and beans — that’s what our meals look like.”

The only woman in the house, Lian Price, owns a personal fitness brand called WorkGrindFly. She trains the guys, keeping everyone in the house in tip-top shape.

After all their perks, amenities and rent combined, Shukla said he’s paying less than his last place: a 1-bedroom apartment that ran him $2,200 per month.

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