These Six Milennials In Mission Hills Make Millions Each Year But They Share A House

The trend emerged after the tremendous popularity of co-working, which redefined shared offices by elevating the importance of culture, community and lifestyle above all else. It was only a matter of time before shared housing followed suit., a tech company that makes software tools to help manage co-living spaces, has an online marketplace listing hundreds of co-living sites around the world. Some communities are designed for artists, others for inventors.

Christine McDannell, founder and CEO of, said co-living is particularly popular with entrepreneurs.
“With entrepreneurs, it’s such a unique lifestyle,” McDannell said. “Your work and your business are your life, and not everyone understands that. But when you’re living among like-minded people, you share those passions and priorities.”

For the roommates at Epic Entrepreneur House, that’s the crux of it.

“A huge benefit is accountability,” DeCelles said. “The house is checking in on you all the time.”

Strength in numbers
Each house member contributes a different set of skills to the table. For example, DeCelles and Shukla said Jensen is good at brokering deals. He’s contributed advice that was critical in growing their businesses.

They also lean heavily on each other for guidance.

“When I have issues with my company, I go to the house first,” Shukla said. “Then I go to my Mastermind group, then my therapist, then my executive coach, then my advisory board and investors. By the time I get to the board, I have a really good answer.”

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