These Six Milennials In Mission Hills Make Millions Each Year But They Share A House

The group effort seems to be working.

Shukla’s startup, Neuralace, just closed a $3.85 million round of seed financing from venture capitalists, setting him on a path to get his medical device approved by 2020. The sunglass company owned by DeCelles just struck gold with a viral marketing video. Jensen’s dog toys are now in every Walmart store in the U.S., and he’s expanding into new ventures, including an e-sports startup.

“All of our businesses are exploding in the best way possible, and they’re exploding together because we have this synergistic effect,” Jensen said.

The growth has taught Jensen the power of networks, he said.

“They say you’re the average of the five people you associate with, but what if you spread that idea to include a whole community?” Jensen said. “That becomes really powerful.”
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