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Rachel Kuhr, “Entrepreneurs Have The Vision, And I Help Them Get There”

"I ate a lot of bars with different packages to see what could help me forget about the crickets," she says.

I tried them -- they're actually tasty.

"Rachel transformed not just the packaging but brought life to the brand," Minkara says. "The packaging now looks amazing. It still tells the story of Chapul. The insect factor is still there, but it doesn't shove bugs in your face."

Kuhr is into experiential research.

After Cuban invested $1 million for a third of Beatbox Beverages LLC in Austin in Shark Tank's Season 6, Kuhr needed to find out what people thought about its cocktails in a box. "I bar-hopped and went to an SMU fraternity party. I felt about 100 years old."

She took Uber home.

Aimy Steadman, chief operating officer of Beatbox, says Kuhr's reconnaissance provided valuable outsider insight.

"Rachel has tons of good ideas and a lot of energy," Steadman says. "She's always willing to try new things and never takes offense if her idea is something we don't like or if we want something different. She just rolls with it and comes up quickly with new versions based on our feedback."

Kuhr's father was her entrepreneurial inspiration. "My dad was a big Mavs, Shark Tank and Mark Cuban fan. He just wouldn't believe this."

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