This Sweet ‘N’ Salty Business Pops With A Purpose

“We are very intentional about partnerships and collaborations,” Sims-Summers says. “We feel like it is very important and incumbent upon us in the small business community to be intentional with helping bring awareness and integration to different industries.”

For Father’s Day, Naughty But Nice has partnered with The Black Man Can, a national nonprofit that “works to celebrate, educate and inspire men and boys of color,” to offer a special-edition The Black Man Can snack pack. Five percent of the sales go to The Black Man Can national organization, she says. The snack packs are available online here.

“What we liked about the organization is that it promotes positive images of Black men,” Sims-Summers says. “That is our way to support a cause that we felt was viable and important.”

It’s all part of the greater purpose of the Naughty But Nice Kettle Corn Co. “We are a very diverse company and we have a very diverse (customer) base,” Sims-Summers says. “And we want our customers -- or our ‘Popheads’ -- to understand that they are here to make the world a sweeter place.

“And they do that by supporting a company that is very community-focused and purpose-driven.” ___ Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

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