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What Does It Mean To Thrive Right Now? Here’s How People Are Doing It.

JAKE WADE, 49, DIRECTOR OF SALES AT FEARLESS RESTAURANTS Thriving means: “Thriving is success and success is winning. And winning means having an amazing life: being the best husband, being the best father, being present with my family. And beating the obstacles. The pandemic was an obstacle. But we made it through. Wow. We lived through it.” How I get there: “Suffering as much as I can. How do I do that? I mean I do these crazy workouts. I race my bike. I train hard. I think learning how to suffer makes things a lot easier. Training is my form of self-care. It gives me clarity.”

Expert sources: Amena Coronado, PhD, assistant professor of philosophy Community College of Philadelphia Renee Moorefield, PhD, CEO of WisdomWorks ___ Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

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