Where’s Your Package? Entrepreneur Anh Tran Is On The Case With “Notifii”

Nowadays there are unlimited opportunities to get resources, because of social media and the internet.

Q: Do you have a mentor or a person who inspired you to pursue this path?

A: I think my pursuit of entrepreneurship was self-initiated, but I guess there was always the blood in me that wants to become an entrepreneur. My grandma was business-oriented -- she had a well-run shop of merchandises in Vietnam and my mom grew up in that environment when we migrated to the U.S.

What got me pushing harder was joining the SEA, and working under the wing of Buzz Stryker, seeing his employees grew 10 times (in number), and to have the courage and leverage, telling myself that "I can do this." Stryker and Corbett have been a great resource and go-to person for me to reach out to.

It has been a low lift for me to find a mentor as I was able to be surrounded with great people. There are always failures, but it's been minimal because of the people around me.

Q: Do you have any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?

A: Go with your gut feeling. If you are hesitant, you will never move forward.

Q: What is next for Notifii?

A: We are looking to launch a third product this year. The volume of packages are not going to go away. Last year, 22 billion packages were delivered by FedEx alone, and taking into account Amazon and other companies, (package delivery) is going to be a problem that is always there. People are now trying to find solutions so we hope to position ourselves as a leading position to that.

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