Best Regions For Working Women

By John Gallagher
Detroit Free Press

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) In “Magnify Money’s” analysis, the Washington, D.C., area ranked as the best metro area for working women.

Detroit Free Press

Women start their work lives with disadvantages relative to men. Women overall still make less money than men, interrupt their careers more often for family obligations and face persistent challenges ranging from sexual harassment to the glass ceiling that limits promotion.

But a new study published by the blog Magnify Money suggests an intriguing idea: that some metro areas provide much better opportunities for women than others.

In Magnify Money’s analysis, the Washington, D.C., area ranked as the best metro for working women. And, sadly, metro Detroit ranked next to last, despite the presence of leading corporate women such as Mary Barra at General Motors and Cindy Pasky at Strategic Staffing Solutions.

Calculating scores for the dozens of metros in the study involved blending a lot of different factors — the metro unemployment rate for women, the gender pay gap in each region, the percentage of female managers in the local business world, the percentage of businesses owned by women, and several more measures.

The analysis ranked Washington, D.C., the best place overall for working women for several reasons. It had the highest percentage of women in managerial positions in its workforce at 43.9 percent. Boston, Providence, Rhode Island, and Sacramento, California, also were tops with high rates of women in management positions, at just over 43 percent each.

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