You Have To Know Somebody To Buy This Award-Winning Olive Oil

She gave a donation, declined the dough and got to thinking: What if Ternero Olive Oil bottled its olio nuovo, or new oil, and sold it to fundraising groups? This liquid gold has been proven to be packed with cancer-fighting polyphenols and heart-loving monounsaturated fats.

The idea would be a success in her view, she thought, if the fundraisers could realize a meaningful profit and consumers felt the price was so reasonable that they didn’t have to ration the oil. The health benefits of olive oil decline the longer it sits around.

“You could sell my oil right after it’s been harvested at a boutique store for $28 to $32, but my husband … doesn’t want to price people out,” Lisa Ternero said. “If I sell it for a lot of money, people aren’t going to use it.”

So far, market forces have allowed her to sell the oil to fundraising groups for $7.50 per bottle. They, in turn, offer it for $15. One of Lisa Ternero’s oldest friends, second-grade teacher Karen Thornton, was among the first people to give Ternero’s idea a try. Thornton wanted to raise enough money to fund supplies for her classroom.

“Lisa and Felipe made these darling labels for the bottles,” said Thornton, who teaches at Arlene Hein Elementary School in Elk Grove. “It said ‘heart healthy,’ so we had hearts on them, along with the names of the kids. They sold about $1,400 worth of olive oil, and so after I paid Ternero Olive Oil, I had about $700 for my classroom.”

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