PatientLink To Launch New Product In 2018

“I was at a conference several years ago and was surprised to see how many of us had moms with Alzheimer’s,” she said. “All of us acknowledged we would be happy to share our data and answer questions to help figure out what’s happening and to see if there’s a way to turn it back and get our moms back.”

While Willis and her 15 employees at PatientLink Enterprises work to roll out MyLinks, they also continue to focus on their flagship product.

Willis developed the PatientLink system beginning in 1999 when a client asked her to help the office workers save time collecting patient data. The system began with a bubble form similar to a standardized test and a scanner that imported the data to a computer where it could be translated into a format preferred by doctors.

Over the past 19 years, the system has evolved to where it can be accessed by smartphones, tablets and personal computers at home before patients arrive at the doctor office.
Willis said she expects the PatientLink system to continue to evolve with technology and doctor and patient needs.
“The PatientLink format is a great path for adding other things like more educational materials and the ability for patients to learn about different responses while they’re filling out information for a provider,” she said.
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