Young Entrepreneur Bakes Healthy Treats For Dogs: ‘I Love To See Pups Gobble Them Up’

Kristi K. Higgins
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WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) 9 year old Arianna Hayes uses her family’s three dogs as her official taste testers for dog treat business “Pickles Pastries.”


Nine-year-old entrepreneur Arianna Hayes will be a vendor at River Street Market’s Dog Days of Summer event this Saturday.

Hayes started her business Pickles Pastries two years ago and is in her third year of selling her homemade treats at the market in Old Towne.

She takes pride in formulating recipes that are healthy for fur babies without dyes, sprinkles, or preservatives. Hayes even grinds her own oat flour to ensure her biscuits are gluten-free with no added fillers.

The Hayes family’s three dogs are her official taste testers.

“The best thing I can give my child is the knowledge and skills for her to make her own way in the world,” said Hayes’s mom Caitlin Hayes. “As a parent, one of the best feelings in the world is to truly find that ‘spark’ in your child, and for her, it’s entrepreneurship.”

Hayes’s family who splits their time between Virginia Beach and Capron admits they are ‘foster fails’. They opted to rescue their dog Pickles themselves, and he was so loved that he became the namesake of the company.

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“Pickles is an island dog,” said Caitlin Hayes. “We adopted him from Island Dog Rescue who rescued him after the hurricanes in Puerto Rico.”
Items for sale at the pet adoption event will include bakery boxes, biscuits, treat and toy containers, as well as upcycled dog toys made with reclaimed materials.

For $10 dollars while supplies last, Hayes’s Puppy Packs containing potty bags, training treats, and a toy will be the perfect item for newly adopted dogs.

Hayes loves to see pups gobble up her treats and hopes all the dogs on-site brought by Hopewell Animal Services, Dinwiddie County Animal Control, and Colonial Heights Animal Shelter find new homes.

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