I Started A New Job In The Pandemic. Will I Ever Get To Meet My Co-Workers?

Laura Yuen
Star Tribune

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) As Laura Yuen takes a look at what work may look like in 2022. Yuen says, “All-remote or all in-person is not the question. The future that many of us are clinging to is a mix of both worlds.”


I’m one of the millions of Americans who quit their jobs last year.

It’s not lost on me how fortunate I am to have landed a remote gig with the kind of flexibility I’ve craved ever since becoming a parent. Controlling where and when I work means I can write after putting the kids to bed or fire up the rice cooker at 4 p.m. These little liberties I’ve enjoyed as a columnist have helped my home life run more smoothly.

But after starting this unicorn of a journalism job in August, I’ve found myself wondering: When will I start to make friends in my new workplace?

This month was supposed to be when downtown workers headed back to the office. Omicron has made a mockery of those return dates. Nearly two years into COVID-19, sometimes it feels reasonable to ask if there will ever be a return.

My editor was determined to bring our whole team together last fall. It would have been my first-ever in-person meeting in the newsroom. The prospect of a change of scenery put some pep in my step. Would I take the bus downtown? Should I pack a lunch? Could I squeeze into pants that did not have an elastic waistband?

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