‘Outrageous’: Gas Prices Reach New Record High In California, US

Jakob Rodgers
The Mercury News

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) As Jakob Rodgers reports, “California’s statewide average Wednesday was about $1.50 more expensive than the national average, which also hit a new record for unleaded gasoline of $4.67 — a mark that most Californians haven’t seen since February.”

WOODSIDE, California

Gas prices in the Bay Area and California broke records again Wednesday, with some stations hitting $7 a gallon for mid- and premium-grade, exacerbating concerns about inflation and the region’s exceptionally high cost of living.

The average price of regular unleaded gasoline in California hit $6.19 Wednesday, marking the latest in a string of record price hikes that began May 14 and showing no sign of relenting amid oil supply concerns, Russia’s war in Ukraine and rising demand as post-pandemic travel continues to surge. The most expensive places to buy gas in the state were in the Bay Area, with most cities seeing prices at least 15 to 30 cents higher than the rest of the state.

Calling the record prices “ridiculous,” Justin Miller marveled at the $117.74 it cost to refuel his truck at a Chevron gas station in Woodside, where mid- and premium-grade blends cost more than $7 a gallon Wednesday morning before dropping slightly later in the day.

Rising fuel and supply prices recently prompted Miller, 35, to close his pool cleaning and repair business and start working for a different company that builds pools in communities across the Santa Cruz Mountains. But now, those ever-rising fuel costs are adding to the concerns at his new employer, Silver Creek Pools.

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