Unique Business Has A Focus On Healing

David Pollard
The Sanford Herald, N.C.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Libby McGowan is the owner of “Constellate” a new healing arts studio. McGowan says, “life’s issues over time can throw a person out of synch emotionally, leading to depression, lack of energy and lack of focus.” McGowan is trained in Reiki, where she uses her hands to help heal the body.


In an effort to bring energy, healing and rejuvenation to the community a local resident recently opened a business to accomplish that goal.

Tuesday was the grand opening of Constellate, 124 W. Main St., a small store but it carries with it a peaceful aura. Libby McGowan, 50, who owns the business, said that was something she was shooting for in order for it to become her Healing Arts Studio.

“I’m here to help people become unstuck,” she said. “I want to help women reopen their relationship with their body, help them find the joy in their life.”

Meg Moss, executive director of Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce, said they welcome the McGowan and her new business to the community.

She said the new building along with the yoga studio a few doors down and other businesses have created a niche along Main Street when it comes to personal wellness.

“Jonesboro is making a little name for itself,” she said.

Councilman Samuel Gaskins was at the business’ grand opening and was happy with what he saw.

“It’s nice to have some small businesses and new entrepreneurs in town,” he said. “The downtown area of Jonesboro is growing rather rapidly with new businesses. It seems that everything we’ve tried to do in Sanford is coming to fruition.”

McGowan said life’s issues over time can throw a person out of synch emotionally, leading to depression, lack of energy and lack of focus. Being a trained, Reiki, where the hands are used to help heal the body, she uses these ancient Japanese and other asian techniques as tools to heal a person.

During a session the recipient often lays down on a table, while the Reiki checks how the person’s Chakras are aligned in their body. Chakras refer to a number of centers in a person’s body, which each center corresponding to a different level of consciousness.

She said these Chakras often may be clogged or not in alignment and through her training she can bring them back in order.

“I’m here to help your body heal itself,” she said. “Help you feel about yourself, your self-worth.
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The process usually takes a minimum of 45 minutes, where she uses various hand healing techniques.

McGowan, who is also a professional photographer, said her new business is also open for a person to come in and just talk about some of their issues as a way of releasing stress and deciding on a proper solution. She also reads Tarot cards as well.

Along with one-on-one interaction with clients she sells energy stones and crystals along with line of hemp products from oil to lotions.

In the future she hopes to create a community around what she is trying to do and expand the healing experience into other areas.

“I want it to be a community where we do retreats, do workshops, get out so people can really find out who they are,” she said.

She said everyone should work hard to be happy.

“We need to live life to the fullest every day,” she said. “We have to take that risk. Sometimes we worry about the silliest things. Life is supposed to be fun.”
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