America’s Truckers Face Increasing Challenges On Front Lines In War Against Coronavirus

Some businesses and law enforcement agencies are starting to step up to show their support.

Police in Holdenville, Oklahoma, said last week that they would help get food for truckers passing through their town. In California, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Palmdale Station is encouraging locals to offer to buy a trucker a meal if they see them trying to walk up to a drive-thru.

"Most places do not allow walk ups in the drive thru," the department said in a Facebook post last week. "Therefore, these truck drivers have no other way of getting a meal. These drivers are the ones driving across the state/country to make sure your stores are stocked, and the restaurants have food. The least we can do is buy them a meal to show our appreciation!"

And on Monday, McDonalds announced it was offering curbside service for truckers at many of its locations.

Truckers said while they're enjoying the love, it's sad that it took a global pandemic for many people to appreciate the value of what they provide. "I feel like now everyone is starting to worship us because we're the ones that are basically keeping things in the stores during this time," Pablo said. "I feel like truck drivers should always be appreciated and not just during this time.

"Without truckers, the world just stops." ___ Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

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