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Analysis: Trump Invokes Law And Order To Put Protests Over Pandemic

The president's campaign on Sunday said Biden should be asked whether he supported Trump's largely symbolic move to label Antifa a terrorist organization, suggesting the president hopes to either force the vice president to support his move, or denounce protesters and risk further alienation with left-wing voters.

Biden has not yet proposed any new policy ideas in response to the police killings beyond a "national conversation."

He's addressed his own role as architect of the 1994 crime bill, which was widely supported at the time by Democrats and the Congressional Black Caucus but is now seen as having had a disproportionate, harmful effect on black suspects. Biden has a criminal-justice platform that undoes some of the less popular provisions of the earlier measure.

But the president's decision to increasingly align himself with police and against protesters carries risk as well. Trump's reelection strategy relies on again winning at least one of Michigan, Ohio or Pennsylvania. Major cities in each of those states saw significant anti-police brutality protests following Floyd's death.

And the president's attacks on the Democratic leadership of Minnesota, as well as tweets seen as inflaming tensions on the streets of Minneapolis, may hurt him in a state his campaign had seen as a prime pickup opportunity.

Before the Floyd killing and unrest, Biden held a 5 percentage-point lead in the state, according to a May 25 poll published by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Minnesota Public Radio and the local NBC affiliate, KARE 11. ___ Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

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