Artists And Engineers: A New Relationship?

In Orange, N.J., artists and archaeologists worked on a project in 2016 that used oral history, murals and ethnography to tell the story of what it was like for African-American and Italian-American neighborhoods before an interstate highway cut through the center of town in the 1960s.

In Indianapolis, the city's public transportation agency, arts council and other groups collaborated on a project last year called Moving Stories, which gathered tales from bus riders and shared them through images and quotes displayed in buses, as well as with interactive components on social media.

And in Oakland, the transportation department this summer rolled out "Paint the Town," a beautification program that offered community artists supplies and gave them permission to paint temporary street murals at intersections and mid-block sections of streets.

The melding of art and transportation will only become more popular, said Seattle's Ramirez.

"Bridging that gap between artists and engineers and people focused on transit can be very challenging," she said. "But this is a burgeoning, emerging field, and it will bring more imagination, color and beauty to our communities."

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