Coffee Truck Fills Summertime Niche

Inside the truck, Neri is assisted by her sister Bridget, 17, in doling out two brands of New England-roasted coffee, one under the Gib brand in Canton and the other Little Wolf in Ipswich, Mass. The next goal, she said, is to roast her own coffee, which she hopes to accomplish within two years.

Meanwhile, she has been working on creating sweets from a commercial kitchen in Waterford, tweaking recipes for banana bread, roasted peach muffins and blueberry scones, among others.

“People come for the coffee, but they also want good pastry with the cup of coffee,” she said.

Some of her sweets are allergen-friendly and cater to other dietary restrictions, but she wants her baking to
encompass a wide range of palates.

“There’s a lot of heart behind it,” she said.

Her truck also sells a variety of frappes, fresh-squeezed lemonade and watermelon lemonade. In the fall, she plans to experiment with some pumpkin-spiced lattes and other seasonal recipes, perhaps showing up at local farmstands on a regular basis.

Neri, whose parents own Old Colony Construction, said she is unsure what to do for work during the colder months, but plans to be back next summer with her coffee truck. For inspiration, she recalls the story of famed restaurateur Thomas Keller, whose first restaurant failed.

“I’ve failed a million times,” she said, encouraging young entrepreneurs to be brave as they attempt to create new businesses. “That’s what defines if you’re going to make it or not — if you get up.”

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